Online Earning App truth

Online Earning App

Online Earning App Truth : Nowadays everyone is trying to become a millionaire by investing a small amount in Earning Apps, Like Dream11, FieWin , Adda21, My Circle 11 , Teen Patti, Rummy and many more. Let’s get some truth about these types of apps.

Online Earning
Online Earning App

Let’s start with fantasy Online Earning App.

Fantasy apps. Like Dream 11, Sixers , Circle 11 and many more they are running on the same model. They take small amounts and show us a big dream for getting 1Cr or More or less. Depends on Contacts you join.

We join a contact and wait for the game to end at last some times we get our contacts fee back and sometime we loss. But we are not releasing that we are wasting our valuable time and our valuable money 💰

These apps are working genuinely but by using these types of apps Indian youth are getting addicted and lost their valuable Money. Sometimes they take loans also.

Our suggestion is to use these apps but in limits use less money and try to use the same. Don’t waste your valuable money.

Apps Like FieWin and many more.

These types of apps are getting popular day by day by giving existing offers like 1% referral bonus, login bounce and lot more offers.

These types of apps are totally fraud they use to give us instant Earning by investing 10rs you can earn 70 to 80 Rs. First time when you play this game you will always be in profit once you become addicted to these apps you will only lose your valuable money.

Our suggestion: Please don’t use this type of earning app where you have to invest money then you will get the money. Because these types of apps are a scam.

Online Earning
Teen Patti : Online Earning Apps

Online Earning Apps That Promote Gambling 

There are some apps which promote gambling, Apps like Teen Patti, Rummy and many more.

These types of Apps are useless and biggest fraud making apps. They always make you win 3 to 5 games then after they will start their work. The games are totally programmed so 100% you will lose your valuable money

Our Suggestion: Please Beware with these types of apps and don’t download and use them because they also take access to our gallery photo and contacts.

Here Is the list of Online Earning App

  1. Dream 11 : Just try your Luck only.
  2. My 11 Circle : Just Try don’t make your hobby
  3. Sixer : Don’t Try
  4. Junglee Rummy : Don’t Try
  5. Win real cash : Don’t Try
  6. Win Cash ; Don’t Try
  7. Free Cash : Don’t Try
  8. Cash Play : Don’t Try
  9. Survey Link : Time Taking some time it works so you can try this.

This are the waste app don’t try they will just waste your time and money.

The Earning apps that is good to Earn online Money from Online Earning App

  1. Upstox : Use referral program to earn good amount of Money
  2. Groww : Use referral program to earn good amount of Money & you can earn by investing money through grow app.
  3. Navi : This time they are giving good offer in referral invest Rs.1 & Earn Rs.100 Per referral.
  4. IndMoney : Use referral program to earn good amount of Money & you can earn by investing money through this app.
  5. One Card : Tyr this app you can earn by selling a credit card to your friend.
  6. 5paisa : Use referral program to earn good amount of Money & you can earn by investing money through this app.
  7. 12% Club : This app is good you can make FD with this app and earn 12% and one more cool program is you can earn 1% of your referral on their deposit.
  8. Google Opinion Rewards : This apps is official app of google you can earn up to 100 Rs To 200 Rs by completing survey of Google opinion rewards.  

Some Online Earning App are good not all. Please research before investing your valuable money and times.


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