Top 10 penny Stock Under Rs 10

Top 10 penny Stock Under Rs 10

Top 10 penny Stock Under Rs 10 In India, penny stocks are a popular form of investment. These are stocks that trade at  prices. In this Post we are discussing about Stock Under Rs 10, this stocks comes with Average Return on capital employed is 19%. All the stocks comes with good Compounded Profit growth. 

  • DEBT to Equity Ratio Less Then 1
  • Average ROCE is 19%
  • 28% compound sales Growth
  • 54% Compounded Profit Growth
Name Current Price Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.) PE Ratio 52 Week High 52 Week Low
Accuracy Shipping Ltd 9.95 149.81 69.64 24.00 7.05
Gennex Laboratories Ltd 12.40 220.04 30.03 14.25 4.81
Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd 9.20 864.80 31.90 11.60 4.60
Tirupati Forge Ltd 11 107.80 14.25 25.60 6.75
Seacoast Shipping Services Ltd 3.33 178.84 8.06 4.31 1.84
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited 13.95 9.56T 14.65 5.15
Vodafone Idea Ltd 13.70 66.93T 14.35 5.70
Rajnandini Metal Ltd 9.15 254.36 17.27 32.00 8.10
Urja Global Ltd 10.55 546.47 319.31 12.70 6.00
Steel Exchange India Ltd 8.75 1.04T 17.25 7.80
Penny Stock Under Rs 10 (08-11-2023)

1. Accuracy Shipping Ltd

About the company: Accuracy Shipping Ltd is a third party logistics solutions provider company. The Accuracy Shipping offers end-to-end logistics solutions and services including transportation distribution, freight forwarding, clearing and forwarding services, custom house clearance, warehousing and more.

Accuracy Shipping Ltd Share Price with chart

Top 10 penny Stock Under Rs 10
Top 10 penny Stock Under Rs 10

2. Gennex Laboratories Ltd

About the company: Gennex Laboratories Limited is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing company, founder in 1990 having Headquarters in India.

Gennex Laboratories Ltd Share Price with chart

Gennex Laboratories Ltd

3. Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd

About the company: Syncom Formulations (India) Limited is an India-based company that is engaged in the pharmaceutical business. The Company is engaged in the manufacturing and dealing in pharmaceutical drugs and formulations, and trading of commodities.

Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd Share Price with chart


4. Tirupati Forge Ltd

About the company: Tirupati Forge Ltd incorporated in the year 2012, they focus on manufacturing mass quantity Carbon Steel Forged Flanges, Forged components and other automotive components . Tirupati Forge Ltd having capacity of 18000 TONS per annum. Their stringent on Tirupati Forge is their quality.

Tirupati Forge Ltd Share Price with chart

Tirupati Forge Ltd, IMG Source

5. Seacoast Shipping Services Ltd

About the company: Seacoast Shipping Services Limited is India-based company engaged in providing single window logistics services to exporters and importers. The Company is focused fully on dry bulk logistics and container freight forwarding along with inland road logistics.

Seacoast Shipping Services Ltd Share Price with chart

top 10 penny stock under rs 10
Top 10 penny stock under Rs 10 Image Source

6. Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited

About the company: Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited is an Indian power company, incorporated in 21 December 1994. Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited is plan, develop, implement and operate power projects in India. They currently operate the largest hydroelectric power plant in the private sector in India.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited Share Price with chart


7.Vodafone Idea Ltd

About the company: Vodafone Idea or Vi is an Indian mobile network operator company their headquarters based in Mumbai and Gandhinagar. It is an all-India integrated GSM operator offering 2G, 4G, LTE Advanced, VoLTE, 5G and VoWiFi service.

Vodafone Idea Ltd Share Price with chart


8. Rajnandini Metal Ltd

About the company : Rajnandini Metal Limited is incorporated in 2010 as Private limited company, They have extended their business in 2012, In year, 2017they have done some major supplies to various customers of copper, Zince, Brass etc. In order to create and improve the treasures of India.

Rajnandini Metal Ltd Share Price with chart

Rajnandini Metal Ltd Share
Rajnandini Metal Ltd Share

9. Urja Global Ltd

About the company : Urja Global Limited is one of India’s leading Renewable Energy developers and operators. Urja Global is engaged in design, consultancy, integration, supply, installation, commissioning & maintenance of off-grid and grid connected Solar Power Plants.

Urja Global Ltd Share Price with chart


10. Steel Exchange India Ltd

About the company : Steel Exchange India Limited (SEIL) is Established in 1999, SEIL is a leading manufacturer of TMT Rebars under the brand ‘SIMHADRI TMT’. The company has the largest private integrated steel plant in the two Telugu States, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

Steel Exchange India Ltd Share Price with chart

This are the Top 10 penny Stock Under Rs 10,

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