Market Update 03-11-2023 Highlights

Market Update : 03-11-2023

Market Update 03-11-2023,  Today each Markets closed in green here is the update of  market Nifty 50 closed on 19230.60 , Bank Nifty Closed on 43318.30, SENSEX on 64363.78 and The list of Top 5 Gainers & losers are mentioned below.


Indian Indices : Market Update 03-11-2023

Nifty 50

Today (03-11-2023) Nifty 50 opened at 19,241.00 and put his Day High 19,276.25 and Day Low 19,210.90.


Today (03-11-2023) Nifty Bank opened at 43,318.30 and put his Day High 43,416.10 and Day Low 43,221.00.


Today (03-11-2023) SENSEX opened at 64,444.90 and put his Day High 64,535.19 and Day Low 64,275.39.

Market Update 03-11-2023 Highlights
Stock Market Update 03-11-2023


Top 5 Gainers of the Day : Market Update 03-11-2023

  1. Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd: opened at 4,950.75 and put his Day High 5,165.50 and Day Low 4,937.05.
  2. Dr Lal PathLabs Ltd : opened at 2,471.90 and put his Day High 2,638.85 and Day Low 2,439.00.
  3. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd : opened at 2,449.00 and put his Day High 2,600.00 and Day Low 2,422.00.
  4. L&T Finance Holdings Ltd : opened at 135.45 and put his Day High 142.50 and Day Low 134.55.
  5. Container Corporation of India Ltd : opened at 701.90 and put his Day High at 719.80 and Day Low at 701.10.

Top 5 Losers of the Day

  1. Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd : opened at 1,190.05 and put his Day High at 1,217.50 and Day Low at 1,128.50
  2. MRF Ltd : opened at 110,749.80 and put his Day High at 111,800.00 and Day Low at 107,300.00.
  3. Bajaj Finserv Ltd : opened at 1,584.25 and put his Day High at 1,593.65 and Day Low at 1,527.90.
  4. Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd :opened at 92.25 and put his Day High at 93.00 and Day Low at 90.30
  5. Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd : opened at 5,377.00 and put his Day High at 5,377.00 and Day Low at 5,247.10.

Global Indices (Market Update 03-11-2023)

  1. GIFT NIFTY : is currently trilling on the Price of 19,318.00 
  2. Dow Jones Futures   is currently trilling on the Price of 33,984.46
  1. Zomato shares jump nearly 10% after earnings announcement : Click Here To read

  2. SAR Televenture IPO booked 267 times on final day : Click Here To read

  3. ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO subscribed 1.74 times : Click Here To read

Let’s Look Some US Stock Top Gainers

  1. Nike : Current Price 105.5
  2. Caterpillar : Current Price 239.17
  3. Chevron :  Current Price 148.75
  4. American Express : Current Price 150.85
  5. Home Depot : Current Price 294.52


This is the Market Update: 03-11-2023 here you can 

Stock market timing in India

The normal real time trading starts at 9.15 am each day. Trade closes at 3.30 pm but there is a post close session available after that where the contract price will be the closing price of the day.

What is Bank Nifty expiry day?
Expiry Day Current Expiry Day
Weekly contracts Thursday of every week excluding the expiry week of the monthly contract
Monthly & Quarterly contracts Last Thursday of the expiry month

Suggestion : Always use Stop – Loss wile trading in stock market. Use Stop loss Play Safe.

Disclaimer : This content is made for educational purposes, We don’t recommend this content as adviser tips, We recommend always take advice from financial advisor. Stock Market investment are subject to market risk. We are not SRBI registered.

Quotation and Answer

Can we make Money on Stock Market?

Answer : Yes it is easy to make Money in stock market by Trading or Investing.

How Much We Can Make From Stock Market?

Answer : A Lot. Their is  No Limit of Making Money From Stock Market.

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